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🥳 New in Order

🥳 New in Order
By Abtin at Order • Issue #2 • View online
I’m writing to you from the table in my living room, hoping this update finds you feeling cozy, and safe.
Here’s a quick summary of what’s new, and all the improvements since last week.

(1)Better search:
Now when you open search from app or in launcher, results are faster, more relevant, and we added search highlighter.
🔍 Reminder: cmd + / also opens search in app or just press ctrl + space to open launcher! 
(2)Markdown typing support:
One of our most highly requested features is now live, the ability to type in markdown. You can easily type in markdown and it’s automatically convert to rich formatting.
Here is all the shortcut for typing in markdown
(3)Links and images in Gallery view
You can customized the view of your pages from menu bar.
Drag to arrange anything. Extremely useful for organizing your thoughts on the fly.
Great for visual thinkers, or if you use something like Pinterest or Trello. Give it a try.
Weekly tips:
Automating your informational retrieval
It’s so critical that reusing your ideas to be easy and frictionless, that even opening an app is too much of a barrier in many cases but today search in most application is local and full screen experience and most of the time you lose track of your context.
To overcome that hurdle, we rethought search with new, compact design. First we made it better than ever to be a launcher. you start a search from anywhere without opening Order, like your home screen or over any app and this makes it easy to find and reuse what you need without feeling like you’ve left the app you’re working in. 
Next time you’re writing your sales/marketing email or filling up your calendar, remember that any information you saved in Order, can be reused in any other application: so questions like “where is that information?” would be a thing of the past.
For example, you can immediately write an emails from the information you have created before.
Activate Launcher with ctrl + SPACE to search for any information you’ve saved before:
Press Enter to directly paste this information from launcher to wherever your cursor is, in any app.
Here at Order, we talk a lot about how important it is for everyone to be able to customize their own tools. The way we see it, if anyone can modify and create apps without knowing how to code then they (and their team!) will always have the perfect tool for the job. To focus on that, we’re heads down on Extensions, and conversational interface to connect many APIs to Order from this week on.
Hope this is informative! Just a few more tips:
  • Download the Mac or Windows app if you haven’t. You’ll love the fast input experience, offline mode, and seamless capturing and reusing your information with launcher.
  • Follow us on Twitter for more tips and updates.
  • And remember, chat with us in the app if you need anything or have any good suggestions. We read and reply to every message!
Much more to come,
Abtin Setyani, Co-founder
We are hiring👈🏻
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