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⚡️Order update: New sync mechanism , Revamp of the sidebar, and lots of UX improvements

⚡️Order update: New sync mechanism , Revamp of the sidebar, and lots of UX improvements
By Abtin at Order • Issue #4 • View online
I’m writing to you from a cozy coffee shop in Berlin, hoping this update finds you feeling cozy, safe, and well. Big news. We just shipped a new sync mechanism. This was the culmination of about two months of work from the Order team.

Speed & reliability improvements 🐇
We have been working hard to make Order snappier and more reliable. Here’s just a small lists of this work over the last couple of weeks;
  • Major speedup in sync mechanism, now your cards will get synced almost instantly between all the recipient devices.
  • We shortened startup times
  • We fixed issues that caused the app to crash
  • Stabilize offline sync engine
  • Stabilize rich link preview mechanism
  • Fix the issue that were causing some cards to never get saved.
Your patience is so appreciated!❤️
Revamp of the sidebar & adding linked references
In Order we have cards, and associations between those cards (we call these references). Cards model your brain’s neurons, and references model synapses. Think of it like the “references” section of Wikipedia, all compiled for you automatically.
You can link pages in-line with [[page name]], or directly reference a card in-line by typing (( .
Create new page directly from composer 📃
Creating new page in Order has so far required you to navigate to a separate “New page”. This can become frustrating if you want to quickly add pages while capturing data.
This is why we built a new interface for creating pages inside the quick composer that makes it super simple and fast to create new page from any screen in the app without losing context. The new composer UI also has automatic drafts, so you can easily pick up where you left off if you get sidetracked or need to look something up in the middle of writing your note.
Keyboard shortcuts help
Keyboard shortcuts are frequently used and loved by our power users. They let you control all of the common functionality of Order and make the application a lot faster to use. To get more users using keyboard shortcuts, we’ve designed a new keyboard shortcuts help screen and made it searchable. You can press the shortcut button at the top bar or press ? to bring up the help window.
Hope that helps! Just a few more tips:
  • Download the Mac(M1 and Intel) or Windows or linux app if you haven’t. You’ll love the fast input experience, offline mode, and seamless capturing and reusing your information.
  • If you have any feedback, don’t forget to Join the Order community & share it with us!
More to come soon,
Abtin Setyani,
Co-founder of Order
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